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I followed far too many simblrs on my personal blog and wanted to join in, so here we are.
I'm too old to be here.

I post Sims 3 only. And I'm working on some CC for it.

I follow most Simblrs back. WCIF questions are welcome, i can't promise I'll be able to find everything.

I try to keep my posting sims related, but i fail sometimes.

Coralie Myers

Absent minded//Genius//Vegetarian//Green thumb.

CC List -


As over 300 of you guys are now following me I thought it’s best I say thank you, and this is how I’m doing it! I made Coralie the other day while watching The World Is Not Enough and is meant to (loosely) look Sophie Marceau’s. You don’t have to let me know if you use her, just would be nice to see if she gets and love! Just please don’t post as your own.

I’d suggest downloading the Sims3Pack as I couldn’t find her eyebrows, or hair, and I wasn’t sure about the skin, but I made a guess and linked anyway.

Anyway, this is my first time uploading, so bare with me and let me know if there is a problem. Otherwise enjoy!

Download-Sims3Pack /.Sim