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The world as it was known ended 62 years ago. It was the world of my grandparents. I was born 21 years ago; my mother was a teenager at the time, 16 I think so she knew nothing of the world before the blast. It’s all stories and tales fractured over time.

Someone finally did it; they hit that big red button and blew the world up. It’s not really known who launched first, some say China, other North Korea or American. It’s all speculation melded to fit someone’s ideals. I see no point in dwelling on it, the world’s gone to shit and we’re all in the cesspool, why does it matter who dropped us here.

No Government bodies have emerged from bunkers to rally their countries back together. They could still be down there living in their air tight holes waiting for the right moment. Or they could have evaporated along with 75% of the earth. I’m sure people went hunting for the bunkers; it holds no interest to me. Where would they even begin with putting this world back together?

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